About the UK Road Safety Network


The UK Road Safety Network is for individuals who are currently working or have retired from the industry and it provides an opportunity to maintain contact with fellow professionals and a means by which you can keep in touch with current thinking in the changing world of delivering safer roads, vehicles, and road users within a safe systems approach.

The network is available to people who have been or are part of the statutory, private, commercial or voluntary sectors in work which involves keeping people safe on the roads.

You may well be or have been directly involved in Education, Enforcement or Engineering, delivering training, managing fleets or logic operations or managing health and safety with a particular reference to staff using the road in connection with the business. Equally you could be or have been involved with the emergency services, collision investigation or road safety education, training and publicity and if this is the case then you might like to consider signing up to the UK Road Safety Network.

The UK Road Safety Network is not exclusively for professionals and practitioners in the United Kingdom and we welcome people from across the world although you will probably find its relevance connected more with the UK.

The UK Road Safety Network is part of the Graham Feest Consultancy and is FREE to register. Once you have registered you can then expect via email;

    These contain current information which falls within the areas of Education, Enforcement and Engineering along with articles and comments about the broader issues of road safety.
    Fellow practitioners whether still working or retired meet together for a couple of hours at a various venues as arranged. There is no cover charge for these contact lunches apart from what you personally order to eat and drink and of course your costs for getting to the location.
    The Graham Feest Consultancy holds an increasing number of events at various locations throughout the UK and these will be made available to those who are part of the UK Road Safety Network at a concessional rate.

In addition the UK Road Safety Network will help you keep in touch and maybe find someone with whom you have lost contact.

To sign up to be part of the UK Road Safety Network you can subscribe on line at the UK Road Safety Network Subscription Page.

You can be personally assured that the Graham Feest Consultancy will under no circumstances pass on your personal data to any third party.  It will be used exclusively for the purpose of communicating directly with you.