Worldwide Commissions

The Graham Feest Consultancy is available to conduct commissions throughout the world.

We can assist governments, agencies, statutory, private and Voluntary bodies along with specialist organisations charged with reducing road casualties anywhere in the world.

We can:

  • Work alongside any group to identify best practice suited to local, regional or national needs and requirements.
  • Undertake a status review to determine what current practices are in place and how they are or can be evaluated.
  • Produce national, regional or local road safety plans.
  • Trial/implement practices which are aimed at reducing casualties and providing for a safe systems approach aimed at delivering sound and innovative practices with regard to:
    • Road Safety Management
    • Safer Roads and Mobility
    • Safer Vehicles
    • Safer Road Users
    • Post – Crash Response

The Graham Feest Consultancy will work with Non-Government Organisations (NGO’s) and business to establish good sound and safe working practices for those who need to:

  • Drive or travel for work
  • Manage fleets and logistical operations
  • Provide safety training for staff in travel, transport and risk management activities associated with using the road

The Graham Feest Consultancy can assist and direct policies and practices to minimise the risks associated with employees and those who have management responsibilities so as to minimise and mitigate the adverse and consequential affects it may have on the business in the event of an incident.

The Graham Feest Consultancy will be pleased to provide/be invited to provide competitive quotation for any work which may be aimed at reducing road death and injury along some of the lines indicated.