Traffic & Safety Management

The Graham Feest Consultancy is able to arrange an independent review and assessment along with detailed recommendations, advice and opinion associated with all aspects of traffic management including:

Graham Feest and a Traffic Survey
Graham Feest and a Traffic Survey
  • Advice on Planning Applications with regard to local road safety concerns
  • Congestion and safety concerns about the safer movement of pedestrians and vehicles at  locations such as entrances to and from public buildings, schools and commercial premises etc.
  • Providing appropriate risk assessment leading to measures which control and mitigate against potential dangers
  • Concerns over distractions on the highway
  • Expert witness statements
  • Highway maintenance assessments
  • Highway and junction improvements
  • Movement and management of traffic within a confined space
  • On site traffic management, parking and safety
  • Road Safety Audit
  • Signing and lining
  • Traffic Regulation Orders

The Graham Feest Consultancy will be pleased to provide a competitive quotation for any of the work listed above.   This list is by no means exhaustive and if something required is not listed it does not mean it cannot be provided.

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