Presenting and Speaking


  • Conferences
  • Seminars
  • Workshops
  • Local Associations, Groups and Clubs

Graham Feest has more than 40 years’ experience in matters relating to traffic and road safety and is an accomplished speaker/presenter available to address conferences, develop and lead seminars or specific sessions within an overall seminar programme.

Photo of Graham FeestHe is prepared to work with conference organisers to deliver presentations and inputs which are relevant and topical which promote the idea of informing and educating all road users and those who play a part in influencing the safety of people who use the road.

Graham has built a reputation for speaking at various voluntary local associations, groups and clubs throughout the UK leading an evening of informative interaction and involvement connected with using the road whether that be as a pedestrian, cyclists, motorcyclists or driving a vehicle with four or more wheels. He is privileged to be featured in the ‘Public Speakers Corner’ listings  (  of top presenters and speakers in the UK

Motivated by a personal desire to ensure that all road users are better informed and safer as a result within the framework of The Graham Feest Consultancy Corporate and Social Responsibility umbrella in the majority of cases there are no fees payable for speaking and presenting on these occasions although organisations must be prepared to contribute to any expenses incurred for travelling, any requirement for overnight accommodation and subsistence.

The Graham Feest Consultancy has experience in building interactive workshops sessions whether that be for management in terms of learning about their responsibilities to manage the risks of their employees whilst driving for work or building an understanding about how the employee should regard and understand their responsibilities.   With his wide range of contacts he is able to resource one of his associates to cover on any specific area where greater and more specific detail may be required.

Graham himself is a recognised and competent conference lead/chair of events in his vast field of expertise.

The Graham Feest Consultancy welcomes the opportunity to provide a quotation for such work.