This Section of the Resource Centre contains the most currently published statistical data to inform and guide practitioners in their work.

(In addition it should be noted that many reports and research documents also contain statistical information relevant to the subject matter)
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Index of Available Statistical Information:

Road Casualties 2018 (3422)
Reported Road Casualties Scotland 2021 (5528)
Police Powers Procedures National Statistics 31st March 2019            (3453)
National Travel Survey England 2018 ( 3295)
Travel and Transport in Scotland 2018 ( 3379)
Walking and Cycling Statistics 2019 ( 4356)
Vehicle Compliance Speed  Statistics 2018 (3178)
Driver and Rider Testing and Instructor Statistics 2018-2019    (3168)
Road Traffic Estimates 2018 ( 3068)
Vehicle Licensing Statistics 2020 (4846)
Seat Belt and Mobile Phone Use Statistical Information 2017     (2875)
Provisional Drink Drive Casualties 2018 (3524)
Work Place Fatalities 2020 (4266)
Scottish Transport Statistics 2019
Road Casualties Great Britain 2019  (4514)
What Kills Most on the Roads (4563)
Reported Road Casualties – Wales 2021 (5530)

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