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Making Road Safety Count – Spending Choices which protect your community (224)
Road Safety Management Capacity Review (2164)
Developing Safe System Road Safety Indicators for the UK (2334)
Global Status Report on Road Safety 2018 Part 1 (3393)
Global Status Report on Road Safety 2018 Part 2 (3396)
Evaluating the Cost of Incidents from the Public Sector Perspective (484)
Safe Roads For All (4979)


Road Information: The Users Perspective (3171
Effectiveness of UK Road Safety Interventions (3447)
Understanding the Strengths and Weaknesses of Britain’s Road Safety Performance (490)
Road Safety Since 2010 Updated (2881)
A manifesto for Walking _London (3533)
IAM RoadSmart Driving Culture Survey 2019 (4050)
Annual Review 2019 to 2020 DVSA (4251)
Swap the School Run for a School Walk (2031))
Conspicuity of Horses and Riders on Roads (1674)
Using Behaviour Change Techniques (1246)
Take a Break – Road Users Views about Roadside Facilities (468)
Tyre Ageing (3190)
Bikelife 19 (3715)
Decarbonising Transport (3983)
Bicycle Helmets Testing by Folksam 2020 (4129)
Improving The Safety of Goods Vehicles in the EU (4134)
Small Cars – Big Problem (4150)
ADEPT E-Scooter Position Statement (4446)
The RAC Report on Motoring 2020 (4605)
School Streets -Reducing Exposure to Toxic Air Pollution and Road Danger (4640)
Impact of Interventions Encouraging a Switch from Cars to More Sustainable Modes of Transport (4675)
Direct Line & BRAKE Driver Behaviour (4786)
Are Medical Fitness Procedures to Drive Fit for Purpose (4803)
The Keen – The Concerned – The Content (4835)
Transport User Community Road Diversions (4842)
Road Traffic and Injury Risk in Ethnic Minority Populations (4871)
A Moment of Change (4972)
The Journey Towards Sustainable Travel (4987)
The Safety of Private e-Scooters in the UK (5251)
House of Commons Transport Committee Report on Road Pricing (5370)
Less is More-Changing Travel in a Post Pandemic Society (5421)
Making Safe and Healthy Journeys (5422)
Walking for Everyone – Making Walking and Wheeling more inclusive (5425)
The National Fire Chiefs Council Ectrication in Trauma Report (5529)


Automated Driving Systems – Understanding Future Collision Patterns (3376)
Assisted and Automated Driving – Definition and Assessment Summary (2208)
The Key Principles of Cyber Security for Connected and Automated Vehicles (1448)
The Pathway to Driverless Cars (235)
Driver Training for Future Automated Vehicles (4558)
How to Maximise the Benefits of ADAS (4642)


Reducing Deaths in Single Vehicle Collisions (1187)
Towards an Accident Investigation Branch for the Roads (1694)
Suicide Prevention – Our Approach (1677)
Suicides on UK Roads – Lifting the Lid (1548)
Projection of Road Casualties in Great Britain to 2030 (258)
International Review of Road Collision Investigation Approaches (4602)


Marijuana and Impaired Driving (3008)
Drink Death and Driving: Do BAC Limit Reductions Improve Road Safety (2331)
Progress in Reducing Drink Drive in Europe 2018 (1781)
Running on Empty – Alcohol (1673)
Fifty Years of the Breathalyser (1541)
Preventing Drug Driving in Europe (1161)
PACTS Drink Driving Taking Stock – Moving Forward (4638)
PACTS Alcohol Interlocks – Locking Out the Drink Driver (4735)
PACTS Drug Driving – The Tip of an Iceberg (4743)


A Survey of Gig Economy Drivers, Riders and Their Managers (3450)
Health and Wellbeing of Older Professional Drivers (3415)
The Role of the Business Driver (3531)
Grey Fleet Report (1249)
Fleet Driver Risk Management 2017 (1270)
Driving for Work – Incident Reporting and Investigation (490)
Managing Work Related Injury Risk (3726)
Time Pressure & Driving Risk (3985)
Driving for Better Leadership (4454)
Driving for Work – A Strategic Review of Risk (4598)
Multi Drop Delivery Driving – What are the Risks (4695)
Improving Driver Well-being ; A Guide for Managers (4826)


Driver Education What More Can be Learned (3184)
ETSC LEARN Report on the Status of Traffic and Mobility Education in Europe (2815)


Evaluation of Street Works Permit Schemes (2118)
ALARM Annual Road Safety Maintenance Survey 2022 (5429)
Tackling High Risk Regional Roads (1545)


The Corporate Manslaughter Act Ten Years On (2312)
Road Death Investigation: Overlooked and Underfunded (1931
Our Lawless Roads Report – Road Policing, Casualties and Driving Offences since 2010,     England and Wales (1242)
Evaluation of Fixed Penalty Notices for Careless Driving (1481)
How Traffic Law Enforcement Can Contribute to Safer Roads (480)
Roads Policing and its Contribution to Road Safety (4146)
Roads Policing Review- Call for Evidence (4260)
A Smarter Approach to Sentencing (4450)
Using A Mobile Phone Whilst Driving – Consultation on Changing the Law (4502)
Exceptional Hardship – Drivers not being disqualified with 12 points or more (4941)


Driving While Using a Mobile Phone (3292)
Think Talking on Your Hands Free is Safe – Think Again (2812)
The Forgotten Road Safety Priority – Seat Belts (3064)
Heavy Vehicle Driver Fatigue Research Report (3061)
Acute Sleep Deprivation and Risk of Motor Vehicle Crash Involvement (2500)
Seat Belts ; Time for Action (3728)
Effect if In-Vehicle Infotainment on Driver Performance (3780)


The Route to Tomorrows Journeys: Powered Light Vehicles (3187)
Stars or Standards – A Review of Motorcycle Clothing (2084)
Dynamics of Motorcycle Crashes ( 3724)
Riding Covid Safe (4141)
Motorcycling and the Future of Transport Policy (5423)
The Journey to a Brighter Destination (5424)


Supporting Older Driver Mobility and Self-Regulation (3535)
Gender Differences in the Behaviours of Older Drivers (2333)
Supporting Safe Driving into Old Age (486)
The Views of Older Drivers on Road Safety Intervention (4966)
Older Drivers Task Force – Supporting Safe Driving into Older
Age (5253)


Report on Safe Driving – Speed (3058)
Reducing Speeding in Europe (2878)
20 MPH Research Study (2471)
Impact Evaluation of National Speed Awareness Course (1896)
Speed and Crash Risk (1870)
The Effectiveness of Average Speed Cameras in Great Britain (489)
Speeding Behaviour While Using Adaptive Cruise Control and Lane Centering (4791)


Keeping Young Drivers Safe During Early Licensure (3385)
The Modelled Impact of a Range of GDL Schemes – An update of the 2014 TRL Report (2031)
Young Novice Driver Collision Types (1709)
The Role of Empathy Through Storytelling in Young Driver Road Safety Education (2034)
Addressing Young and Novice Driver Safety (1675)
Motor Insurance Premiums for Young Drivers in the UK (1313)
Young Driver Safety: A Review of Behaviour Change for Future Interventions (1162)
Reducing Casualties Involving Young Drivers and Riders in Europe (943)
Review and Assessment of Pre-Driver Interventions in Scotland (2163)
Young and Novice Drivers Transport Committee Report (4752)
Reducing Road Deaths Among Young People Aged 15 to 30 (5252)

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