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Index of Available Papers & Information:

The Anatomy of a Car Crash (4476)
Speeders Hey Not So Fast! (4472)
Moonshine Cars of the Prohibition Era (4466)
Is Jaywalking Considered  a Traffic Violation (4462)
Kinesics and Body Language – The Silent Communication (4270)
Excessive Road Signage – Information Overload (4159)
Is it Safe to Drive with Monocular Vision (4164)
Self Explaining Roads and Forgiving Highways (4169)
Slow Drivers Progress at a Snail’s Pace (4171)
Mirrors, Blind Spots & Peripheral Vision (4001)
How Effective is Deterrence in Crime & Motoring Convictions (3996)
Are Cars Really Killing Machines (3994)
The Dangers of Driving and Sleep Apnoea (3537)
Defining Motor Insurance Fraud – (Paper withdrawn)  (2205)
Sierra Same – The Antediluvian Crash Dummy Test (1871)
Driving & The Dangers of a Hypogylcemic Episode (1814)
Centre Line Road Markings – Help or Hindrance (4066)
Do You Suffer from Vehophobia (4069)
Is The Highway Code Actually Law  (4072)
Single Vehicle Crashes – Accidents or Suicide (4075)
Accident or Crash – Does the Terminology Really Matter? (4525)
A Clean Clear Uncluttered Windscreen (4527)
Escape Routes- Always Leave an Out (4529)
Is Killing by Drunk Driving a Socially Acceptable Form of Vehicular Homicide (4531)
Saudi Woman Can Drive by Gender Inequality Remains (4533)
Driver Visual Search Strategy (4567)
Highway Verges (4571)
Mother Against Drunk Driving MADD) (4575)
What’s Your Reaction Time When Stopping (4579)
Asleep At The Wheel (4678)
Beware! Wigwags Ahead (4681)
Tailgating and the Negative Consequences (4684)
The Steering Wheel and the Suicide Knob (4687)
Pandemic and Recovery – What are the Implications for Road Safety? (4866)

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