This Section of the Resource Centre contains published  Guidance, Codes of Practice, Manuals and Toolkits  on a specific subject matter.

(In addition it should be noted that many Reports  Research Documents,  and Strategies also contain reference information relevant to the subject matter)

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Index of Available Documents:


Driving for Work Guidance 2021 Edition (4616)
Car Controls & Adaptation
Blue Badge Scheme Guidance (3116)
A Guide to Insulin Treated Diabetics and Driving (2934)
Key Principles for Traffic Safety and Mobility Education (3516)
Driving and Riding for Work in the Gig Economy Guide (3498)
Speed Management: A Road Safety Manual for Decision Makers and Practitioners (1160)
Covid 19 – A Fleet Managers Guide (4055)
Crisis Management – Post Crash Action and Care Guide for Fleet Managers (4058)
Guide to School Site Road Safety (4255)
Seat Belts and Child Restraints (4344)
Coronavirus – Safer Travel Guidance(4521)
Driver MoT Guide: Your Mental Health Resource (4739)
Top Ten Reasons for Failing the Driving Test with supporting comments (4793)
Media Guidelines for Report Road Collisions (4830)
The LEARN! Manual for Developing and Evaluating Traffic Safety and Mobility Education Activities (4875)


Community Corners (3016)
Hackney Schools Streets Toolkit (3133)
Parklets Toolkit (3418)

Codes of Practice

CCAV Code of Practice – Automated Vehicle Trialling (2872)
Minibus Safety – A Code of Practice (491)

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