The Library


The  Library of the Resource and Information Centre is divided into five sections

1. Strategy Documents and Action Plans

2. Statistical Information

3. Guidance Documents  & Codes of Practice

     sub divided:
       Guidance Documents
       Tool kits
       Codes of Practice   

4. Reports and Research Documents

     sub divided:
      Key Documents
      Collision Investigation and Prevention
      Drink and Drug Driving
      Driving for Work
      Law and Enforcement
      Mobile Phones, Seat Belts Fatigue
      Motor Cycling
      Old Drivers
      Young Drivers

5. Reference Papers Articles and Information



An index of the content for each page is found at the top and the documents appear in the order they are listed

The number which appears against each item in the index  in brackets is not part of the title but a reference for the purposes of administering the library page and its content.

Gaining Access to the Document
In order to access any document move down the page and click on the document image which will  open to its full size.
New Additions
New documents are being uploaded on a regular basis.
In in an effort to make it easier for the latest to be accessed they are for a limited period also placed in the Latest Documents & Consultations Section.
Consultation documents will general remain on this page until its has expiry date.
Other documents will only remain for approximately one month and can then be found in the relevant section of the library as listed above



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