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Latest Uploads

This is a list of the latest uploads to the Document Library in reverse date order (ie. newest at the top) and limited to a maximum of 8 (eight) entries.    When clicked on, each document will open in a new Window on your browser.

The following documents are mentioned in the body of at least one of the 2017 Traffic Safety Roads Newsletters but are too large to be uploaded to this website so the thumbnails below give a link to the document themselves.

November 2017 –
This release gives an overview and commentary of reported road casualties in 2016/
Source : Department for Transport

Issued : 28/09/2017 (Added : 21/10/2017)

October 2017 –
A review of retesting and post-court educational interventions for serious driving offenders
Source : Transport Research Laboratory (TRL)

Issued : 21/03/2017 (Added : 21/09/2017)

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