Events being organised by Graham Feest


Interactive Training and Workshop Events based on a conference style approach involving speakers, individual and group activity and discussion.   –

These are set at various locations around the UK with a limit on numbers to enable active participation and in a friendly setting to encourage interaction between presenters and participants.

They are of a day duration based on high value at a low cost. The fee paid includes all refreshments and lunch. There is a very attractive early bird discount rate of which the majority of participants take advantage.

They use a wide range of presenters and whilst a set theme may well appear on a number of prospectus’ the speakers and topic areas covered will at  in part  vary.

The 2022 programme is being set to include one of these events each month at different locations around the UK. They carry an accreditation from SoRSA in terms of their CPD requirements and also  support other CPD needs as required.

These are one day events looking at how casualties can be reduced by looking at the science, research and understanding in order to devise appropriate interventions

Reducing Casualties by Stopping Crashes is accredited by SoRSA and meet appropriate CPD requirements.


Location and Dates for 2022

Monday 31st January – Coventry (TBC)
Monday 28th February – Bath
Monday 7th March – York
Monday 4th April – Durham
Monday 25th April – Scotland
Monday 4th July 2022 – Plymouth
Monday 26th September – Hull
Monday 24th October Cardiff

More dates and venues to follow

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