It is a given that road users do make mistakes and we must take mitigating action to reduce the severity of death and injury and to look much closer at what our learning and research is saying, what we are implementing and what is really working or indeed what is not giving us the required results.

However, death and injury is the outcome of a crash and so logically no one would have suffered if the crash had not happened. It follows therefore that if we are to make progress in reducing casualties, we need to stop the crashes occurring.


Reducing Casualties by Stopping Crashes is a one day event  based on a conference style approach involving speakers, individual,   group activity and discussion

The events use a wide range of expert speakers  and presenters using various techniques in terms of delivery with interaction and participation being included in a range of topics based upon the overarching theme of Reducing Casualties by Stopping Crashes.

It is important to stress that whilst overarching  theme is the focus,  the speakers and topic areas covered   will vary from location to location.


The Graham Feest Consultancy is a “not for profit” enterprise and its philosophy is based on providing an event which is giving high value at a low cost.

The fee paid includes all refreshments and lunch.

A very attractive early bird discount rate is always in place .


There are  various locations around the UK.

Numbers are limited to enable active participation and in a friendly setting and  to encourage interaction between presenters and participants.


The events   support personal development and CPD  needs within the field of Traffic Education, Engineering and Enforcement whether that is to meet specific, annual and professional demands or to update and upskill individuals working within the scope of transport, traffic, road safety, logistics,  training and engineering etc.

The Graham Feest Consultancy – and thereby Reducing Casualties by Stopping Crashes – has approved training status from the Chartered Institute of Highways and Transportation  and will be particularly useful to Road Safety Auditors in meeting their annual  mandatory needs.


Monday 26th September 2022 – The Guildhall, Hull
Monday 24th October 2022 – The Jury’s Inn Hotel, Cardiff
Monday 5th December – St Albans (TBC)


2023 will be based on the Theme  DELIVERING THE SAFE SYSTMS APPROACH and details will be posted in the coming days but confirmed dates and locations currently

Monday 30th January 2023 –  Holiday Inn, Coventry
Monday 27th February 2023 – The Queens Hotel, Cheltenham


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