Working Practices and Standards


Your privacy and therefore any details you provide to the Graham Feest Consultancy for the purposes of communicating and sending information to you is regarded as a privilege and you can be assured is kept securely and is not passed to any third party without your express permission.

For the purposes of distributing the newsletter and other items of relevant information your name and email address is securely held in a password protected data base. The data base only holds information such as your name, email address and the county in which you reside. If for any specific reason, such as your enrolment on a specific event or activity we need to hold additional information this will be notified to you at the time of any registration. This information is only available to be accessed by Graham Feest and with my express permission and on an individual basis when required by the person who aids and manages my technology systems for any maintenance purposes only or where with your permission specific problems arise.

Under no circumstances do we pass any listings to any third party or share your information with any other person(s). By the same token your information is not sold on for private gain to any other person, body or organisation.

You are of course free and able to unsubscribe at any time by asking me to remove your details from the data base which will result in you not receiving any of the information which is provided.

Any forms which have been completed in order to provide information for inclusion in the data base are destroyed once the entries have been made and tested.

January 2019/Reviewed November 2021


The Graham Feest Consultancy encourages active participation and contribution from all members of society without any favour or prejudice and values the view and opinions of all irrespective of age, disability, gender reassignment, marriage and civil partnership, pregnancy and maternity, race (including colour, nationality and ethnic origins), religion and/or belief, sex, and sexual orientation in accordance with the Equality Act 2010.

We are committed to promoting a culture that actively values everyone.

We recognise that people from all backgrounds and experiences can and do bring valuable insight, knowledge and expertise to our particular sphere of activity and we encourage everyone to fully share together for the further enhancement of in our case reducing casualties not just in our country but across the world.

The Graham Feest Consultancy does everything it can to accommodate those with physical and mental disabilities or special needs.

January 2019/Reviewed November 2021


Health and Safety is a shared responsibility between all parties and individuals and each owes a duty of care to ensure that everyone can move around and operate in a safe environment.

The Graham Feest Consultancy will always  abide by any Health & Safety requirements which are established as working practices in any environment or on any premises in which it is called to undertake any specific tasks.

The Graham Feest Consultancy takes all reasonable and practical steps to ensure the safety of those participating in any of its activities or events.

However the onus is on each individual to ensure their own health and Safety and to pay particular attention to what is around them as they move about and any specific instruction they are given prior to the start of any event.

Whilst Health and Safety applies throughout the Graham Feest Consultancy is particularly concerned with its activities which use hired facilities and as such:

  • It will adhere to the policies and practices which are set by the management or its agencies for any premises and locations which it is using. It will particular note any evacuation procedure, location of the emergency exits and assembly point(s).
  • To ensure premises are suitable and meet appropriate procedures, practices and standards it will generally always visit the premises it is seeking to use prior to an event – raise necessary health and safety questions and note the presence of any particular hazards individuals may encounter in arriving/whilst on the premises and making their way to the room(s) being used. Anything which may be seen as problematic or they need to be made aware will then conveyed to each person through their final joining details.
  • On the occasion of the event the above will be re-assessed to confirm that nothing has changed since the initial visit.
  • Before participants enter any of the various areas a dynamic risk assessment is carried out to ensure that all technology equipment and exhibition stands are secure and that wires etc have been laid in such a manner that any chances of trips or falls are eliminated. It will also ensure that evacuation points are free from any blockages and that the general area is free from debris.

A Health and Safety briefing will take place at the commencement of the events to include the

  • Evacuation procedure
  • Any specific equipment which has been cited for which those attending should note along with any associated hazards
  • Any current works which are being undertaken on the premises
  • Smoking arrangements
  • Any specific instructions which the management of the premises wishes to be conveyed to those attending

Updated November 2021

These working practices and standards and the statements appertaining are reviewed on a regular basis both in terms of any legislative changes and in the light of any experiences related to or relevant to the subject headings.