Presenting & Speaking Engagements

Graham is privileged to be listed in the Public Speakers Corner  of top presenters and speakers in the UK found at
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Graham has built a reputation for speaking at various professional Photo of Graham Feestand voluntary gatherings on a national regional and  local basis at conferences and to associations, groups and clubs throughout the UK and is privileged to be featured in the Public Speakers Corner  list of top presenters and speakers in the UK.
There are no fees payable for speaking and presenting on these occasions although associations, organisations,  businesses and groups must be prepared to contribute to any expenses incurred for travelling and potentially any requirement for overnight accommodation and subsistence.

He  speaks on the platform at national events both in the UK and overseas on specifically agreed/requested topics in traffic, transport, roads and indeed road safety. He also  has considerable knowledge in the area of driver training.

Motivated by a personal desire to ensure that all road users are better informed and safer the more ‘club’ based sessions are informative with plenty of interaction and participation and involve topical and at times emotive issues.

NOTE: An on-line option is NOT  available

Graham has also been called upon on a number of occasions to chair conferences and meetings both in terms of using his vast experience as well as presenting a level of independence where required.


TVGAM are happy to report an excellent hour long talk given by  road safety consultant Graham Feest as part of their March meeting  held on Zoom. Graham’s extensive and absorbing presentation encompassed many aspects of road safety, and his eloquent speaking manner was captivating for all who listened, watched and asked questions afterwards on the night. Graham regularly gives these talks, adapted for the audience. Interested groups can reach him at, He cannot be highly recommended enough.

Nick Room
Chair, Thames Valley (Maidenhead) Group Advanced Motorists

The Motor Schools Association of Great in the North East area enjoyed a very informative evening in February with a presentation by  road safety consultant Graham Feest.  The topics were very relevant to working driving instructors and although we offered plenty of time for question and answers the issues discussed and explained by Graham has raised a lot of interest with other local groups who want to asked more  as Graham has open the door for more enquires in the DVSA and road safety arena. Graham’s extensive and absorbing presentation encompassed many aspects of road safety, 
Mike Yeomans
Director MSA GB North East Area 

Graham has been an annual visiting speaker at our group meetings over the past few years. In every case Graham has delivered an informative and entertaining presentation for our members. He is clearly passionate about all aspects of road safety and can be relied upon to enlighten his audience with the latest theories, legal changes, and developments for road users and other interested parties. Graham is an essential speaker at any road safety conference, or related organisational group meeting.
Mike Suggitt
Chair,  West Yorkshire RoADAR

Graham visited BWAM in January, 2023 and delivered a talk about road safety and related issues, and it was very well received by the club members. Graham’s presenting style was very entertaining and friendly, and he moved along at a decent pace, covering plenty of topics, and answering many diverse questions from the floor in detail.  Still there was much left to cover – his breadth and depth of knowledge and experience is  clearly vast, and his insight into trends and the future of roads and road safety is surely invaluable. BWAM will doubtless be inviting Graham back in future to continue our learning.
Justin Stringfellow
Vice Chair, Bournemouth & Wessex Advanced Motorcyclists

Forthcoming Engagements

Worcestershire Advanced Motorists (IAM)
Tuesday 5th December 2023
Woodgreen Church, Worcester

u3a Eastbourne Central
Wednesday 3rd January 2024
St Saviour’s Church Hall, South Street, Eastbourne

Langley Grammar School
Friday 12th January 2024

u3A Purbeck
Wednesday 17th January 2024
Harman’s Cross Village Hall, Nr. Wareham

Solihull  Advanced Motorists (IAM)
Tuesday 5th March 2024
Knowle Royal British Legion

Looking Back


Bournemouth & Wessex Advanced Riders
Monday 16th January 2023

Institute of Master Tutors of Driving
Sunday 5th February 2023

Southern Driving Instructors
Wednesday15th February 2023

Gloucestershire Advanced Motorists (IAM RoadSmart)
Thursday 23rd February 2023

Delivering the Safe Systems Approach
Monday 3rd March 2023
The Holiday Inn, Coventry

High Wycombe Advanced Drivers (IAM RoadSmart)
Tuesday 7th March 2023

Exeter & East Devon Advanced Motorists (IAM RoadSmart)
Wednesday  8th March 2023

Suffolk Advanced Riders
Monday 27th March 2023

West Sussex Advanced Motorcyclists
Sunday 2nd April 2023

Coventry Advanced Riders (RoSPA)
Wednesday 19th April 2023

Findon Probus Club
Thursday 20th April 2023

Gloucester Advanced Drivers  (RoSPA)
Monday 12th June 2023

Birmingham Associations of Driving Instructors
Wednesday 2nd August 2023

Willingdon Probus Club
Thursday 3rd August 2023

Worthing Federation of Occupational Pensioners
Wednesday 6th September 2023

Kent Advanced Drivers (RoSPA)
Thursday 14th September 2023

Sussex Advanced Drivers (RoSPA)
Wednesday 20th September 2023

Delivering the Safe Systems Approach
Monday 25th September  2023

Delivering the Safe Systems Approach
Monday 2nd October  2023
Perth, Scotland

Guildford Advanced Motorists (IAM)
Sunday 22nd October 2023

Delivering the Safe Systems Approach
Monday 23rd October  2023

IKT 15th Annual Road Safety Symposium & Expo
Tuesday to Thursday 7th – 9th November 2023
Johannesburg, South Africa


Shropshire Advance Motorists (IAM)
Newbury Advanced Motorists (IAM)
South Downs Probus Club
Langley Grammar School, Slough
Cornwall Advance Motorists (IAM)
Worthing Mothers Club
Sussex Advanced Drivers (RoSPA)
Kidderminster Advanced Motorists (IAM)
Kent Advanced Motorists (RoSPA)
Worthing & District Koi Club
Basingstoke Advanced Motorist (IAM)
Bournemouth Advanced Drivers (IAM)
Northamptonshire Advanced Motorcyclists (IAM)
Birmingham Advanced Motorists (IAM)
Solihull Advanced Motorists (IAM)


  • Shropshire Advanced Motorist IAM RoadSmart
  • West Yorkshire Advanced Drivers & Riders
  • Solihull Advanced Motorists IAM RoadSmart
  • Harrogate Advanced Motorcyclists IAM RoadSmart
  • Hull & East Riding IAM RoadSmart*
  • Thames Valley Advanced Drivers RoSPA*
  • Redditch Advanced Motorists IAM RoadSmart*
  • Rotary Club Bournemouth North*
  • East Yorkshire IAM RoadSmart*
  • Worthing Advanced Motorists IAM RoadSmart*
  • Motor Schools Association Regional Conferences*
    – North East and North West
  • Driving Instructors  Virtual Show *
  • Kent Advanced Motorists IAM RoadSmart*
  • Approved Driving Instructors National Joint Council*
  • Solihull Advanced Drivers IAM RoadSmart*
  • Tayside Advanced Motorcyclist IAM RoadSmart*
  • Thames Valley Advance Motorists IAM RoadSmart*
  • Taunton Association of Driving Instructors*
  • Bournemouth Advanced Drivers (AM RoadSmart*
     * Presentations Via via Zoom due to Pandemic


  • Kent Advanced Drivers (RoSPA)
  • .Safer People Vehicles Roads 2020
    Newmarket, Bristol and Lincoln
  • Wiltshire Advanced Drivers and Riders (RoSPA)
  • Southampton Advanced  Riders (IAM RoadSmart)
  • Solihull Advanced  Motorists (IAM RoadSmart)
  • Swindon Advanced  Motorists (IAM RoadSmart)
  • Cornwall Advanced Drivers and Riders (RoSPA)
  • Somerset IAM RoadSmart Advanced Drivers
  • Sussex Advanced Drivers (RoSPA)*
  • South Africa National Conference*
  • Institute of Master Tutors of Driving*
  • UK Research Institute*
  • West Yorkshire Advanced Drivers &Riders (RoSPA)*
  • North East London & Essex Advanced Motorists*
     * Presentations Via via Zoom due to Pandemic


  • South Africa National Road Safety Summit – Pretoria
  • Safer Roads Safer Vehicles Safer Road Users Safer Speeds
    located in – Hull, Bristol, Hinckley and Stirling
  • Sussex Advanced Drivers

    • Chaired & led by invitation
      Hertfordshire County Council Minibus Conference
  • Kent Advanced Motorists
  • North East London & Essex Advanced Motorists
    • Chaired & led by invitation
      Driving Instructor Nottingham Group (DING) & East Midlands
  • Motor Schools Association – Driving Instructors Seminar
  • Kidderminster Advanced Motorists
  • West Yorkshire Advanced Drivers & Riders
  • York  Approved Driving Instructors
  • Institute of Master Tutors of Driving Scottish Conference
  • Warwickshire Police Road Safety Grants Event
  • Cambridgeshire Advanced Drivers
  • Gloucester Advanced Drivers & Riders
  • Worthing Advanced Motorists
  • Sutton Area Driving Instructors Association (SADIA)


  • Chairman of
    Salford University – Road Safety Conference – Manchester
  • Motor Schools Association  Regional Conference
    in East Midlands, West Midlands, Western and North East
  • Central Southern IAM RoadSmart Advanced Motorists
  • Borders & District IAM RoadSmart Advanced Motorists
  • Bournemouth & District Approved Driving Instructors
  • Safer Roads Safer Vehicles Safer Road Users Safer Speeds
    located in Newmarket, Hull, Coventry and Stirling
  • Institute of Master Tutors of Driving NE Conference
  • Central Southern IAM RoadSmart Advanced Motorists
  • Home Counties North IAM RoadSmart Advanced Drivers
  • Chairman of Association of Plymouth Professional Driving Instructors 50th Anniversary Conference
  • Salisbury Driver Instructors Association
  • West Yorkshire RoSPA Advanced Drivers Group
  • Institute of Master Tutors of Driving Scottish Conference
  • Stirling
  •  Motor School Association National Conference


  • Approved Driving Instructors National Joint Council Meeting
  • Motor Schools Association  Regional Conferences
    West Midlands and East Midlands
  • South Africa National Road Safety Summit –Johannesburg